This page contains information on the tricks and glitches associated with New Super Mario Bros.

Challenge Mode Edit

Challenge Mode is a secret mode accessed by pressing Start L R L R X Y X Y on the overworld map after having beaten the game. In challenge mode, the screen cannot be scrolled backwards. In certain levels, jumping into a gap between a wall and the edge of the screen will cause Mario to be ejected into the wall. By duck-jumping, Mario can gain height.

This is more useful in IL (Individual Level) runs, as Challenge Mode cannot be activated on a level that has not been previously beaten.

Applications of Challenge Mode Edit

In 100%, Challenge Mode can be activated on 5-B to access the secret exit faster and without the use of a Blue Shell.

In a 100% IL of 2-5, accessing the secret area below the flagpole and using this glitch with the wall right of the third star coin will get you to the flagpole faster. This can also be used to access the area right of the flagpole, but this is not useful in an IL.

Mega Mushroom Storage Edit

By collecting a Mega Mushroom and hitting a breakable block on the same frame, the Mega Mushroom will become your inventory item. This could theoretically be used in Secretless to get a Mega Mushroom for the World 6 Boss, but is inconsistent, requires no usage of inventory items, and optimally saves little time.